Press Clipping
Locos Por Juana / Caribe

Grammy and Latin Grammy nominated band from Miami. Features eclectic sounds, mixing African and Caribbean reggae sounds with jazz, cumbia, flamenco, and dubstep. An album guaranteed to leave you with positive vibes!

*****FCCs: Track 3 (fuck, ass)

Favorites: #2, #3 (FCC!!), #4, #5, #6,

1. (4:57)- Caribe- Gloomy intro w/ synthesizers. Sings about Caribbean pride, despite the struggles and perceptions by rest of society.
2. (4:21)Se Fue La Luz- Fast paced. Strong beats. Great to dance to! Puts you in a good mood right away.
3. (3:34)**** For The Ladies: **FCC (*fuck, *ass) Powerful beats, with jazzy, cheerful horns! Makes you want to get up and dance!
4. (3:34) The Cure- Borderline dubstep with reggae. The world is crazy, but everything will be all right! Just take it easy, and enjoy the world. Love this song!
5. (3:48) Para Siempre- Spanish. Love the fusion style! Reggae with synthesizer sounds. Simple lyrics, but the mix of sounds really make the song come alive! Another one of my favorites.
6. (4:02) Summertime. Chilling moments during summertime.
7. (3:30) Mueve Mueve- Just get up and move, dance!!! Doesn’t matter if you can, as long as you do it.
8. (3:46) Dance With Me- Soft beats, with a touch of reggae. Switches between English and Spanish. Jazzy sounds in background.
9. (3:59) La Murga- Cheerful song! Jazz sounding salsa . A shift from the previous reggae songs. Song about the shared Latin American identity through dance and music.
10. (3:40) Se Te Kite To- Electronic rendition of Latin sounds! Repeating electronic melody and beats in background with cheerful raspy vocals!
11. (5:08) La Policia- Easy jazz intro with synthesizers. English -> Spanish. Tells a story of piano d
12. (3:50) Una Foto- Energetic beats, but surprisingly chill and relaxing!
13. (3:48) Esta Es La Vida- Mid-tempo, with a mix of synthesizers, bass, and acoustic guitar.
14. (4:27)Tik Tok- Energetic. The heavy beats in the evoke a feeling of mystery. Encourages a feeling of courage, love, compassion and positivity during times of difficulties.
15. (4:27) Luna- Calm, melodic guitar chords intro, with a flamenco touch. A calm song to wrap up the album. A feeling of hope, nostalgia for the future