Press Clipping

CARIBE (Rock Moon)

Locos por Juana are a Miami-based band of Colombian extraction. They feature a power trio with trombone at the heart of the group, but on stage and in the studio they recruit half a dozen guests for each track. The result is a tour de force, more exhausting than a tour de france, of Caribbean sounds in a mad mash-up. There's champeta, cumbia and hip hop from Colombia as well as a heavy dose of reggae, raggamuffin and dub from JahJahLand, plus the funk and rock quotient from the urban scene in Miami, or as I like to call it Miasmi. It's a bit too much to take at one sitting. The musicianship is top notch, and they excel at reggae, cumbia and champeta, but there are ten, count 'em, uh, twelve guest singers or toasters on 15 tracks, and it gets wearing. Individually there are some brilliant cuts (e.g. the title track) on here (as well as slackness like "Dance with me"), manageable in small doses. If you assume it's a radio show rather than a one-act concert you can probably handle the abrupt shifts from reggae to champeta ("Se te kite to") to Afrobeat ("La PolicĂ­a," complete with a Fela chorus) and back to champeta ("Una foto"), thence to hippy hoppy stuff. The vibe is pure dance, so if you can ignore Collie Buddz reciting "yes we find a cure for the world tonight" or ChocquiBtown's similar exhortation, you will get on fine. As the man said, "Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care."