Press Clipping
Pan-Caribbean Party Music From Miami’s Locos Por Juana

The core members of Locos Por Juana are all based in Miami, but their roots are in Colombia, and they would like to remind you that Colombia is a Caribbean nation. Their forthcoming album, due on October 7, is called Caribe, and the new video for the album’s first single, “Se Fue La Luz,” is set in the city of Barranquilla, a hard-partying town on Colombia’s northeast – which is to say, Caribbean – coast. The band has always based its hybrid Latin/hip hop sound on traditional Afro-Colombian and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, but the new album ups the ante with guests like Talib Kweli, and on this song, the Colombian hip hip trio ChocQuibTown (especially the trio’s lead singer, Gloria “Goyo” Martinez). “Se Fue La Luz” means “the lights went out,” but if you want it darker, you’ll need to go back to the top of this list.

The band plays in New York at SOB’s on Saturday, October 15.